Here at Dhansrighat, I run a digital tuition class on English Literature, English Grammar, Social Sciences including Geography as well as Economy for Class IX & X. Digital Presentation is used to elucidate complex textual concepts in a simpler and easy way.

Class IX
Class X
Class XI
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English To Bodo Dictionary

I have started a project to launch an online English to Bodo Dictionary as soon as possible before the 30th of May, 2018. For now, you may have a look at the beta version. Almost 3000 words are included containing words starting with letter A, B and C.

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My E-books

Phunkha Boro's e-book, handbook on correcting tense forms

An e-book on the most common conditions of correcting tense forms of sentences in school exams.

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About Me

Hey! I am Phunkha Boro, a learner, and a passionate tutor. I teach Social sciences, English Literature & Grammar to High School students. Inspired by the lessons of life, inspired by how nature works. Working to bring the change that I want to see in the world, albeit at the micro level.
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