3 things that can ruin your class

3 things that can ruin your class

Teaching to be effective, as all of us know, requires dedication and prior planning of the lessons to be taught. Although it is a two way process yet there might be things that a tutor may, unknowingly, be doing which can reduce the quality of the class manifolds.

#1 You are talking in a monotonous way

When you are a little bit more mechanical and monotonous in explaining concepts and ideas to students, they will get bored in no time and they will need little time to find out that they are struggling hard to pay attention.

Change the pitch of your voice occasionally or, say, increase the volume of what you say in a different way, preferably suddenly, which attracts the attention of the students.

Try to be a little bit more friendly. Keep a happy mood in your face. Keep a light smile on your face, not a forced one though.

Play with your versatile gestures. Make hand movements while teaching. This does not, at all, mean you should be making unnecessary gestures.. Right gesture or body language at the right moment can grab the attention of the students.

#2 You are teaching way too fast

Students need a little bit time to digest or absorb what is being taught to them. If you are not pausing in between teaching then you are just overloading them with way too much information to absorb.

Don’t hesitate to go slow. It will help to make the class an effective one. Students understand better when you teach them in a moderate speed than when you teach them very fast.

#3 You are teaching in a very fragmented way

If you are teaching your students various concepts one after another without making them deliberately understand the link or the relations between those concepts, the quality of the class highly gets compromised.

Explaining the relation of a particular concept with the previous concepts or topics you taught earlier helps the students to better understand and absorb what you teach.

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