3 Tools to improve writing skill

3 Tools to improve writing skill

Writing is quite a difficult task for many when it comes to formal and zero grammatical error writing. But that’s easier than you think if you practice writing and endeavor to improve it. There are many online applications and tools to improve what we write by detecting and eliminating grammatical and syntax errors.

1. Write & Improve

This is not a computer software but a website which provides you with some advanced options to filter and improve your writing skill. It is comprised of the basic, intermediate and advanced level of steps where one will be asked to write a small piece of a paragraph on a particular topic. It analyses the paragraph and gives hints as to what has to be added to improve the formality of what is written.

Price: $0.00

Requirement: No special requirement. A user account is all you need. Click here to test it now.

2. Grammarly

Have you been through situations when you did your best to write a piece of information and endeavored hard enough to ensure that no grammatical mistake occurs but despite all your effort few of the serious grammatical mistakes were still there? To avoid it, Grammarly, a website, can help significantly. Grammarly is a robust tool to check grammatical errors both common and advanced mistakes or errors. One can use grammarly for various purposes and I use it mainly to write the “posts” of the blog to ensure that I do not make any nonsense common grammatical mistake.

Grammarly comes both in free and premium version. For light tasks, the free version is enough and premium version is the ultimate solution for advanced writings.

Price: $ 0.00 (Freemium)

Price: $29.95 USD/month (Premium)

Requirement: No special requirement. One web-browser with Javascript enabled and a user account. Get grammarly here.

3. Mangoosh

A good and strong vocabulary can help to a significant extent in improving writing skill. The larger number of words you know the more is the chance that you would be able to use the right word at the right time and at the right place. Building vocabulary takes time but one can easily exalt the process to learn more words faster. Vocabulary builders are very much helpful in this case. Mangoosh is one of the best vocabulary builders out there for both basic and advanced level

Requirement: No special requirement. A smartphone is all that is required. Grab it here.

Price: $ 0.00

These tools can play a complementary role in improving writing skill but they are not absolute. Constant practice and enthusiasm is the core thing that one must develop to improve writing skill in a sustainable way.!

Happy Writing !!