5 Things To Keep In Mind To Teach Well

5 Things To Keep In Mind To Teach Well

If you are a tutor you realize that we all want to teach as effectively as possible. But things don’t go right sometimes and we end up getting frustrated with various factors in the class. The factors behind this may be anything.

Despite all these, we can do many things to improve the efficiency of tutoring irrespective of the subject being taught.

So what are these fundamental things or the steps?

#1 Prepare the content to be taught

When I say prepare the content first I do not mean you have to write down whatever you are going to teach. Rather, what I mean is that you should have a clear idea of what you are going to teach, the topics that you would deal with in a particular session and most importantly what topics have not to be touched at all.

Why Should You Limit The Topics For Each Session?

The simple answer is that the students may not be able to grasp the core fact if you flood them with too many topics. So, it is better to limit the topics you want to talk about or explain in a particular session.

How To Prepare The Contents ?

There is no any direct answer to it. Let me tell you how I prepare the lessons.

When I have lots of time, I prepare them using the writing applications such as OneNote, Evernote and sometimes Microsoft Word. But, these are very time consuming and cost-benefit ratio is very low.

When I have less time, I prepare the topics to be taught in Freemind, a mind mapping application. I practically prefer this one because it directly helps me to build a connection between various topics graphically using the nodes.

When I don’t have enough time, I take recourse to the traditional method of making out the plan of the lessons inside my mind.

#2 Interact with the students

If you are teaching in isolation, i.e. not engaging the students in what you teach, it won’t be very much effective. If you feel that you have not been able to elicit the engagement of the students in a particular session, take a moment, go slow and ask them some questions or ask them if they have any doubts. In this way, you are triggering the interaction of the students.

Why Is This Important?

It’s very important because it saves your time and energy from going in vain. Consider this situation, you have taught the students a lot of things but they could not understand it just because you never cared whether they were ready or not. How does it feel like later? Certainly, it does not feel good.

Any Other Way To Get The Students Engrossed?

Yes, there are many. You may bring humor to what you teach now and then.

Although excessive humor will break the class. Therefore, don’t dilute the line between occasional light humor and excessive humor all the time.

#3 Limit the time you teach continuously

In this point, you might not agree with me. I followed this technique and it indeed turned out to be very effective. Usually, I used to teach for around 1 hour at a stretch. It not only made the students bored but also reduced the excitement they had at the beginning of the class. Being said that, I limited the duration of my class to 30 minutes which resulted into a huge increase in quality of the class.

This might not always be applicable. But if you really do have to teach for a long duration at a stretch, try taking regular breaks after every 30 minutes or so, whichever suits according to you.

What To Keep In Mind While Limiting The Duration Of Your Class?

When we want to finish explaining a topic within a short period of time we tend to reduce the depth of the topic so that we can finish it as soon as possible.

But, you must not do this. Don’t compromise with what you have to teach just because you have reduced the duration. Focus on explaining every little thing very well and clearly.

#4 Try to make it simple

As a tutor, we need to focus on explaining or teaching whatever we teach or explain in the most simple way. We rather fail as a tutor when we fail to explain something to the students in the simplest way.

There is no parameter to define if an explanation is simple or not. But, the if majority of the students are not getting what you are explaining then there is something wrong on your part. This is where you need to try fixing the fault to make it simple.

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How To Make a Topic As Simple As Possible?

Try breaking down the topic to understand their core meaning and relations and try explaining it to yourself. If you can grasp it without any block, you have made it simple.

#5 Praise the students

This is a supplementary step. Students feel motivated to work harder with enthusiasm when they are praised. But it does not mean that you should praise them superfluously. Instead, they should be praised if they deserve.

What about those who can’t do well in your class?

Just like the sharp ones, there are the dumb ones. How do you deal with them? The best way to push them up, although may not be effective at all the time, is to encourage them to work harder. This will help them in climbing up the ladder.

Happy Teaching !

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