A treat for relaxation
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A treat for relaxation

Days, they are often hard. Leaving all of us tired and exhausted sometimes. A reasonable amount of stress is quite natural but things get worse when confusions and tension headache starts looming !!

The world never ran out of remedies though. Here and there, all of us come through ways and means and so-called techniques to get relaxed when it is necessary! Here, in this post, I would like to share what I do to get relaxed at the end of the day.


What do I do to get relaxed?

The best way to get relaxed after a ton of stress is to just sit back on a chair or bed or somewhere comfortably without thinking about or ruminating anything. This is also known as mindfulness where you don’t think about anything that happened in the past or that might happen in the future. Although the term “mindfulness” encompasses other concepts such as visualization etc. but I am interpreting it in the widest sense i.e to be aware of what is going on rather than what happened in the past or what may happen in the future. It is all about observing the surroundings as it is and experiencing it using the senses “as it is” without interpreting them in any way.

As I often use to follow this technique, I just let my legs and hands rest deliberately and the muscles, they get relaxed slowly which in turn increases the efficiency and fullness of experiencing the present!! This, in the true sense, improves your ability to be in the present moment which is very inevitable for relaxation.

Other tools for relaxation

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Sometimes, on the top of the above technique, listening to instrumental soft music also helps in getting relaxed easily. I don’t have any explanation as to why is this so but I am including this one because I personally have experienced it. I often listen to zen music to soothe the stress away. As far as they are not lengthier than 10 minutes I don’t feel weird to listen to them.

Deep breathing is another way to make your body get relaxed in a very effective way. One may inhale to the full capacity of the lung and hold the breath for some time and exhale slowly!! Holding the breath for some time is important for this purpose.

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It’s a time-tested method, so, you may want to resort to this one when you feel like you are under stress. Obviously, it won’t solve the problems you are facing but will give the necessary stability and mind-power to cope with those problems.

Meditation can be harnessed to get relaxed when one is under stress. There are innumerable of ways in which one can meditate. Nevertheless, all of them serve the same purpose. Some are driven more towards visualization and some are towards positive thinking while some other are just focused on “observing the thoughts” that are going on in the mind at a particular time.

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The one which I prefer is the one which is driven towards observing the thoughts without interacting with them. Please google about meditation for more information.

Open and wide space has got a lot of things to do with relaxation and refreshment of the mind. Have you ever felt the difference between the feelings of staying in a room and an open space such as a playground or a hill station?

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Laying down in a place with open space all around is quite a helpful to refresh the mind? Put earphones, play a music you like and lay down in a place where you can look at the vast open sky from and see the difference.!

Relaxation depends on how eager one is to get relaxed and also on the level of stress. So, it may take some time for the relaxation techniques to take effect. Be patient and have fun! Happy relaxation!