Aspirations of having a blog & How it cooled down

Aspirations of having a blog & How it cooled down

Desire is hard to be kept within a clearly defined boundary. I always wanted to have a blog to write down my thoughts and take up a new passion – “Blogging”. It took wings and strengthened. 

By 2017, I straightly decided to start a blog, a near professional one as far as possible. I decided to buy a domain and host it on a third party server. And, yes. It all went on as I wished. 

I bought the domain and hosted the site too. But the bigger question faced me aftermath “What should I write now?”. The problem and tendency on part of the new bloggers are to write on “How to Dos” and I think it is good to start in that way. Because it is very easy. Plus, you will find or other topics very easily. I also started with that. 

First thing I wrote was about some grammar rules. Then, how to concentrate and then, how to relax and so on. You can still find my articles on my blog.  But soon, I got tired of it. Monetisation’s idea hit me. Applied for Adsense. I got rejected for 2 times and at the end, my application was accepted after writing some more articles. 

Now it was time to get visitors. It is a very hard task. I thought to create a database of English to Bodo Dictionary. But had no luck! People were not searching the keyword on google at all.! So, what to do now? I thought to create an app “English Bodo Dictionary“. Two weeks later I created one and published on PlayStore 1 month later after getting the Credit-Card.

So far, everything is working well. People are using it. 30 people on average every day.  Earning a few cents monthly.  As the title of the post goes, desires never end. Aspirations don’t end. I want to rebuild the app to provide online classes too – On English Speaking. Who knows how far it goes!

Phunkha Boro

Hello ! I am phunkha boro. I write about educational, political, general knowledge topics. I am passionate about teaching.

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