Being In The Present Moment

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This is a common question we come across while trying to focus our attention to what we are doing at a certain point of time. Well, we can approach this question from two view points – one physical another mental/psychological .

Approaching it Physically, it’s an irrelevant question. Can we live in past or future really? No, we can’t provided we do not have time machine.

Approaching it psychologically, it is a relevant question. So, what does living in the present means in this case? It means being aware of things that are going on in the present without looking at future or past even for a fraction of second.

The Best Ways To Be In The Present Moment

We can be aware of the present moment in two ways – one is Active and another is Passive.

Active Mode

This just means being aware of only what you are doing. So, if you are reading a novel and aware of only the story but nothing else, you are at the present. For this, you must need to have active interest in what you are doing.

Passive Mode

This means that you are not doing anything in particular but aware of the things that are happening around you. For example, you might not be doing anything but just aware of the breeze, the breath, the colors, the smell etc. that you are sensing through your five senses.

The Simple Way To Be In the Present

The simples way to be in the present moment is to use your FIVE senses. What does using our senses mean? It just means that we are ware of the “inputs” we receive through these senses. For example:  If you are aware of a particular sound right now, you are using your ears (one of the senses).

Do we have the ability to be aware of what we want to be aware of ? Yes, we have ! In most of the cases, awareness is our choice.

The Last Line

Being in the present moment is not a myth. It’s a choice we make..