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Bodo To English Medium : How to Prepare For College ?

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Howdy friends?

The title of this post might be a distortion. I could not pick up a better title for what I wanted to write about. Hope, this one stands out for some % of the idea that I am going to express.

Last year, I happened to talk with a junior friend who by chance

happened to be my own relative who was studying in college. He was from Bodo Medium background. As we know, there is currently no Bodo medium in college. He told me about the difficulties they were facing due to the sudden confrontation of English Medium. In that context, I recommended him some steps to overcome the problem which will be the core of this post.

Why am I writing on that? Going according to the popular notion, students’ performance in college hugely depends on how well they are able to grasp the concept or ideas. The Problem is that there is no Bodo Medium in colleges and it turns to out be daunting for the students from Bodo Medium Background.!! Seriously, it is !! This is the only reason why I am penning this post.

There is two logical solution to this issue. First, Introduction of Bodo Medium in colleges but this is, by and large, depends on institutional systems and policymakers. Second, we can take steps to bolster the efforts on our part and get ourselves easily through this daunting system.

Giving emphasize on the second solution, Here are some steps you can take to cope the shock of English Medium and perform to your optimum capability in College.

1. Increase the amount of time & effort you put in learning English.

The first step that I think you should take to perform as better as possible in college Exams is to increase the amount of time & effort you put in learning English. This is inevitable. Otherwise, you might have issues writing precise answers in English in College Exams which, as far as my own experience is concerned, require lots of formal words and correct expression of ideas. This step particularly includes increasing vocabulary, learning phrases & emphasize on passive writing.

Know how to increase Vocabulary
Know how to remember words easily

2. Write, Write & Write

Practicing writing in English as much as feasible is like a panacea in this situation. The more writing in English is practiced the more one will be able to write precise and formal answers.

While writing, importance needs to be focused on passive sentences rather than active. This will give the answer a formal and professional feel. But it does not mean that one should totally avoid active sentences but most priority should be given to passive sentences. Use as much standard formal words as possible in your Answers.

Example: Rather than writing “Plato forwarded this theory” (active) you could write “This theory was forwarded by Plato.” (passive).

3. Consult a Forerunner/Senior student

Consulting a senior student who has been through this system successfully, despite being from Bodo Medium, can add a layer of enthusiasm to your effort to absorb the shock being emitted by the sudden shifting of the medium to English.

4. Approach a Coaching Class that explains the study topics in Bodo

If you are in the intermediate or advanced level of English, you can skip this step. But if you find it difficult to express ideas/concepts in English, then taking help of a coaching class or a tuition class that can explain the textual concepts in Bodo is a good choice to go for.

Keep in mind, emphasizing too much on coaching or a tuition is not a sustainable solution. We need to climb the ladder and go to the intermediate or advanced level of learning English by our own efforts.

If you are in the vicinity of Orang, Dhansrighat or Rowta, You may join my coaching class.

5. Talk in English in Your daily life

Learning English words is one thing and using those is another. But they can’t be separated from each other. One has to be followed by the other. Talk in English with your friends or family members occasionally to strengthen your hold over English. Alternatively, an arrangement of English-speaking session among friends is a good option to practice speaking English. It can also help in increasing your efficiency in writing answers in the Exams.


There is no rocket science behind writing good answers in English. But being from Bodo-Medium can be a real challenge in this case. The abovementioned steps can help only if you are “Actively eager to cross the bar” and work hard on it. Nevertheless, it can be overcome easily with the above mentioned deliberate efforts.

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