Don’t do these five things during anxiety Attack
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Don’t do these five things during anxiety Attack

Obsessed thoughts that trigger fight or flight situation is what anxiety disorder is characterized by. One tends to act very fast and recklessly to get out of anxiety but at the end, these acts sometimes end up making the anxiety stronger and worse. Certainly, anxiety disorder is very unpleasant and triggers restlessness but there are some things that must not be done or at least should not be adhered to if one wants to get out of anxiety because they aggravate the whole situation.

This post is not a guide on how to tackle or come out of anxiety disorder. But it is the revelation of the things that I myself avoided to get out of anxiety disorder.

We all face a certain amount of anxiety in our day to day life and which is quite normal and sometimes even necessary. But excessive anxiety is neither good for physical health nor for the mental health and it warrants to take active steps to tackle anxiety whenever it occurs.

1. Don’t rush to take action

Stop rushing into taking actions to overcome anxiety all at once. Rushing to take action is a natural tendency in anxiety but it does more harm than any good. The more effort one puts in fighting off anxiety the stronger the anxious emotions will become and this is a proven fact. This is an unending cycle and it is better to not mess up with it by applying or taking reckless actions.

Just relax. No specific technique or action is required to overcome or come out of anxiety. All that it needs is proper relaxation and calmness of mind. Rest assured it will fade away slowly.

2. Avoid thinking about anxiety

Don’t think about anxiety itself and it is very important to break the vicious cycle of anxiety. The more you think about anxiety the more you will become anxious and it is true in around 80% of the times. Knowing that you are anxious will make you more anxious because the hyperactive mind starts looking for ways to tackle that anxiety and for that purpose, it will present you with hundreds of ways to get out of anxiety. But, applying techniques make the situation worse and might even go out of control.

Think about anything possible except anxiety and its related things. While trying to divert attention towards other things one must keep in view that the real purpose behind such diversion is not to avoid anxiety. Because as long as the intention of avoiding anxiety is there one cannot come out of anxiety.

3. Avoid fighting with anxiety

Don’t fight with the anxious thoughts. They are invincible as long as one keeps fighting with them. Thoughts can’t be fought off. The more one interacts with them the stronger they get. The good thing is that they get weaker and ultimately fades away once they are not given any attention. These anxious thoughts cannot go on without your attention and deliberate engagement/interaction with them.

If you feel like fighting with such kind of thoughts please consider deep breathing or engaging in some other physical activities which are not related to anxiety at all.

4. Avoid being alone for a long time

Don’t sit alone for a long time, say more than 1 hour, at a stretch. This is not going to get a person out of anxiety but will prevent him from getting deeper into the anxiety. One, who is suffering from anxiety, must focus on the amount of time he is spending alone and should engage with people as much as possible.

Staying alone, in anxiety, for a long time increases the intensity of anxiety manifold. Sometimes, such lonely situations might be imperative but try your best to get in touch with other people at a regular interval either in person or over phone calls.

If you don’t have anyone to talk to, make sure you are getting yourself engaged in some kinds of works that you enjoy doing. For example, you might just take a walk around for 3 minutes in every half-an-hour interval or just stretch the hands & the legs albeit for a while.

5. Don’t Lose Hope

Perpetual anxiety often results into hopelessness which in no way is a good sign because it may lead to suicide! Know that you are stronger than your anxiety and it will fade away sooner or later and it cannot go on without your attention. If the level of anxiety is very ACUTE don’t hesitate to consult a psychiatrist or FAMILY members.

Talking about your anxiety with Parents, family, friends and people whom you trust can help to a significant extent in reducing the effect of anxiety and can even change your response to anxious thoughts.

Despite following these and other steps if your anxiety is not reducing and it lasts for a long time please visit a psychiatrist or talk about how you are feeling with someone you trust.