4 Ways To Make Your Students Pay Maximum Attention

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Are you working hard to make your students pay as much attention as possible to what you are teaching? Read on to compliment your efforts.

A Little Background

I have never been an excellent tutor. And I am fine with that because it gives me the opportunity to learn more.. to figure out the weak points.. to fill the gap with new ideas and knowledge.

Learning is not easy. Neither is teaching. Back in August 2016, I was tutoring many high school students in Social Sciences and every now and then I could see the boringness in their face as I lectured on topics such as – fundamental rights and global wind system. Now, the truth is that such boringness ruins the whole learning process. It makes the learning process ineffective both for the students and the tutor also. This is where it becomes very important to get the attention of the students.

For a teacher, there can’t be any worst disappointing thing than not having his students’ attention to what he is teaching. Most of us (tutors) accept it ‘as it is’ over the course of time. But a different scenario awaits ahead if one can get the attention of the students somehow consistently.

Getting The Attention Of The Students

Following steps helped me in making the students pay optimum attention in my classes.

First Step

I decided not to emphasize on dates and years. I just focused on making the students understand the core/fundamental concept of a topic/subject without, in any way, making them feel that those topics were required to be written in the EXAMS.

But avoiding dates or years or such other data is not feasible at all the time. Yet, giving less emphasize on these, if possible, helps a lot in making a class unproductive and boring.

I noticed the students actively paying attention to what I was teaching after following this particular technique.

Second Step

I connected whatever I was teaching to the present. This helped my students to relate whatever they were learning to the present scenario of the concerned Topic. This not only helped them in eliciting interest but also in concentrating without distraction.

Example: As I was teaching about fundamental rights, I just introduced the students to the controversy/discussion that was going on over “Tripple Talaq” at that time and how it was related to fundamental rights.

Third Step

Speaking clearly helps very much to get the attention of the students. All of us choose to listen to people speaking clearly. None of us likes to listen to people stammering or slurring. So do the students. A tutor’s unclear voice makes them embarrassed sooner than we assume. This step helped me a lot in making my classes proactive.

Fourth Step

Experience matters. Teach only what you are experienced in. This ensures the quality of a class.

Don’t leapfrog to teach something you are not experienced in.

The Last Line

No matter how much tutors do to elicit attention from the students, it will bear fruit only when the student voluntarily and deliberately pay attention to what the tutor is teaching. Therefore, without playing around, I just explained to the students “how to pay attention” and “what may happen” if attention is paid as well as “what may never happen” if proper attention is not paid. This particularly helped in the long run. Because, the students could well understand the importance of paying maximum attention in a class.