How To Expand Vocabulary With Google Word Coach?

Do you use to search for the meaning of English Words on Google? If yes, you have one more advantage now. Google now not only shows you the meaning the word you searched but also provides you with an option to take Word Quizzes or Coach which can be utilized to improve and expand vocabulary, albeit slowly.

This coach also provides you score for the correct choices to track your progress !! Each word coach consists of 5 questions.

Here’s how to take the coach.

 #1 Search For Meaning Of A Word 

Just type a word followed by “meaning” to begin the process.

 #2 Here You Are! 

Next, you will see the page with the meaning of the word you searched and below that You will see the take “word coach” option.

 #3 After finishing the word coach. 

Once you complete the coach you will be given scores for your choices and this score sticks to your account.

Currently this word coach is available for reasonable number of words but if you type very complex word then you may not be presented with the option to take “Word Coach”. But word coach is available for all common English Words.

Phunkha Boro

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