How to Utilize MindMup to its best ?

How to Utilize MindMup to its best ?

“Could you please give me some shortcuts to remember the issues related to Indian History?” – One of my students asked.

I smiled. I said that there’s nothing like that. But yes, I can make it easier for you to understand the inter-related issues and concepts associated with Indian History, as was the case then i.e I was teaching political science to him.

This is where MindMup came to be a saviour.

If you are used to using Freemind you see that MindMaps are very helpful in making visual notes of inter-connected concepts or ideas.

What is MindMup

MindMup is a web-based mind mapping software tool, a close competitor and an alternative of Freemind. Being said that, in order to prepare MindMaps using MindMup you don’t need to install any software on your PC & You can access it from

Supported formats

You can export the created mindmaps in pdf, ppt, html, Freemind or Freemup format or even JPEG.

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