Increase Vocabulary Very Fast With These 3 Steps

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I still remember the years when I had to look up the meaning of almost all English words that I came across hoping that it helped in increasing my vocabulary. It was when I was in school. Now things are quite different. In the school days, I could not develop a strong vocabulary. So, building a strong vocabulary was kind of a

challenge to me.

As the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there’s a way”. I also found out ways to skyrocket my vocabulary.
Here are top 3 simplest ways I followed to increase vocabulary

#1. Read Newspapers & Magazines

Newspapers are a major source that can help you in increasing your vocabulary easily over time. If you do not have a habit of reading Newspapers/Magazines you might not find it much promising. But, if you do, the reading of newspaper is a good way to go to increase or expand vocabulary.
As you read a newspaper, note the new words you come across and look up the meaning of that particular word later.
I still learn new words from newspapers. Each day, when I read the Guardian or The Hindu, I come across at least 3-5 new words which I don’t know the meaning of.
What I do is note these new words and save them for later to be looked up at the dictionary.! The result is – boom !!

#2. Read Novels to expand your vocabulary

Another way to increase vocabulary very fast is to read novels. What I like most about this method is the wide range of words it potentially holds which can be used in our day-to-day life. Novels can help you in learning new words very fast compared to school or college/academic books.

Last summer, I read “Twenty Eight & Half Wishes” and surprisingly I learned more than 90 new words.!

#3. Follow Online Dictionary Sites

This is very helpful in the long run. Most of the online dictionary sites publish regular articles collecting new words which are required in our day-to-day-life conversations.
Such words are picked up by the online dictionary sites keeping in view of the non-native English speakers. Many good online dictionaries out there provide a bunch of idioms and phrases regularly. These idioms/phrases can also increase your vocabulary way faster than you think.
Another factor why online dictionary sites are very useful to increase vocabulary is that you can keep a digital list of the words that you looked up or learned.
I personally used to follow Cambridge Dictionary and Even, now, when I forget certain English words I head on to the list of words that I saved on these sites.


There is no any hard and fast rule of increasing vocabulary. Basically, vocabulary increases over time as you come across new words and use such words in your day-to-day life.

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