How to say “With” in Bodo ?

How to say “With” in Bodo ?

Preposition is an essential part of learning a language. So, to learn Bodo language also we need to know what are the common prepositions in Bodo and how we use them. If you are here on this page, you are, most probably, looking for how to say “with” in Bodo. We all know that we use “with” as a preposition. The exact translation of the word “with” in Bodo is “Jwng”. 

How to use it in Bodo?

Having said that, we can say “Jwng” to mean “With” something in Bodo. Now, the point is that in Bodo language we use the prepositions after the noun or pronoun rather than before the noun or pronoun which is the case in English!

Anyway, Let’s assume, you want to say “With You” in Bodo.

With = Jwng, You = Nwng

With you = NwngJwng

And, let’s say, you want to say, with tea..

Tea= sa, With = Jwng

With tea = sajwng

You may easily notice, in Bodo,  we use the prepositions after the noun or the pronoun.


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