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In an era, when English has become pervasive it might sound ridiculous to try to learn Bodo or any such other language. Well, that’s not always the case. There may be a plethora of reasons to learn a new language, such as -curiosity, language lover, academic purposes, research and so on..

To learn Bodo Language, you just need to dedicate some minutes each day and it is nothing but just a basic step to learn any new language.

Without going around the house, a very short introduction, Bodo language is spoken primarily in B.T.A.D or Bodoland which is an autonomous area in Assam, India. It is a tribal language and over the centuries, new words, mixed with other local languages, have entered into its vocabulary.

Here are 4 steps to Learn Bodo Language as fast as possible.

1. Get an English to Bodo dictionary

This step might look difficult & irrelevant provided Bodo is not your mother tongue. Yes, it is indeed a difficult step. Many of you won’t follow it for sure and that’s totally Okay!

It can get easier and fun if you limit the words that you want to learn per day. Dedicate just 5 minutes each day and look up at least one word per day and this will make a big change. 300 words in a year! And this is quite enough number of words you need in order to speak Bodo Fluently!

As you learn new words, keep a glossary of the new words you came across.

Know the basic steps to expand vocabulary

There are not much resources online to learn Bodo. So, it renders having a dictionary quite necessary.

2. Heed to Pronunciation of the Bodo words

One of the biggest mistake that non-bodo speakers make while speaking Bodo is the wrong pronunciation of the Bodo Words. Learning Bodo words is one thing and Learning the pronunciation of Bodo words is another.

The commonly mispronounced sound by the new learners in Bodo is the “ə” sound as in Mwjang ( IPA:- məzaɳ ). New learners tend to pronounce it as “Mujang” (muzaɳ).

This “ə” sound is very common in Bodo. In 80 % of the words, this sound is present. So its kind of very important to get familiar with this sound. Spend sometime in getting familiar with this sound.

By the way, “Mwjang” means good in Bodo.

3. Find Native Bodo Friends To Talk in Bodo

Unless you practically speak a language it is virtually impossible to be fluent in that language. This is not an exception in case of Bodo too. So, find a native Bodo speaker to talk with. The more you practice the more natural and easy it will become for you to get familiar with Bodo Language.

Don’t have a Bodo friend?

Head on to FB and look into your friends’ list, may be someone is just hiding there.!

4. Take it as a Fun

No superiority, No inferiority. Language is just a Language. Take it as an art to master and you will go a long way having fun in the process!!


I am not a linguist. Neither I am an excellent Bodo Speaker. What I have written here are the steps that newbies forget to take before starting to learn a new language. Have a great day!


  1. I have a excellent bodo speaker no need any unusal word but I also forgotten in some big word meaning that sit I want help you please Rintu kumar boro it’s my real name.

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