Tried “Free Question Challenge” ?

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As a tutor, have you ever tried the “Free Question” challenge ? Chances are high that you have. But, if not, it’s wise to try it once to let your students clear up their doubts on a certain concept or Topic.

What Does This Challenge Stand For?

Its nothing but just a technique to illicit attention from the students and provide them a chance to ask as many questions as possible on a topic without being judgemental about anyone’s ability or intellectual capacity !

Does that technique hold any benefit?

Yes, it does. It not only can strengthen teacher-student connection (don’t confuse it with intimacy) and the students too can develope the art of asking questions which is inevitable in the process of learning.

How do you place this Challenge Before The Students?

Placing this challenge before the students is much more easier than it sounds.

Just start by saying, “Okay, now ask me as many questions as possible, say 10, on this particular topic”.

You will surprise to see, many will just get stuck as to what to ask. So, those having genuine questions will come forward !!

Relax and just wait for the questions from the students and understand that these ( the subject of the Questions) were the things which the students could not understand when you were teaching.!!

What do you think about this technique? Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Teaching !!