Mr. vocab can help you in building vocabulary !

Mr. vocab can help you in building vocabulary !

Google assistant, a voice assistant on Android, has got a feature called Mr vocab, are you using it yet? If not, this post is for you. Mr vocab is a vocabulary building tool integrated with Google assistant.

How to turn on Mr. Vocab?

If you have Google Assistant already working, you can start Mr. Vocab by saying “Talk to Mr. Vocab” followed by a long press of the home button.

What can Mr. Vocab do for you?

There are many things that Mr. Vocab can help you with. Let’s talk about them one by one.

1. Learn New Words
Are you someone who loves to learn new words? Mr vocab can help you in learning new English Words based on the category of the words that you are willing to learn. It can help you with five categories of word – General, GRE, TOEFL, Interesting words & Any. You can learn at least 100 words in each category.

To begin learning new words, just say “learn new words” to Mr.vocab and voila!

2. Taking Vocabulary Tests:

How often do you take a test to check your vocabulary? At Mr. Vocab’s class, You can take vocabulary tests too. There are many categories which you can choose to take a test of. Such as – TOEFL, GRE, Recently learned, bookmarked words etc.

To begin the test, just say “Take tests” to Mr. Vocab.

3. Play Vocabulary Games:

Mr. Vocab has lots of vocabulary games which can help you in testing your vocabulary strength. I liked “tiny 20” very much which has 20 questions and one needs to answer with the correct option as fast as possible. You can compete with other players too. 😉

To start playing vocabulary games, say “play vocabulary games” to uncle Vocab.

4. Revision:

Uncle vocab also helps in the revision of the words that you have learned or the words that you are weak in. So basically, it keeps a record of the words that you come across throughout the interaction with Mr. Vocab and lets you revise it whenever you want to revise. You may start revising the words you have learned by saying “Revise” to Mr. Vocab

5. Summary:

If you want to know how many words you have learned or how many words you missed in a vocabulary test or a vocabulary game just say out loud “Summary” to Mr. Vocab.

Although the features bundled with Mr. vocab are good enough but the voice that Mr. vocab has got from Google is very weird, it sounds more like an alien, and is nowhere near Google assistant, Cortana & Siri.

Except his his voice, Mr. Vocab has got a lot of features to help you with building a strong vocabulary of English words.