Remember English Words Easily With These 5 Techniques

As a learner of English Language, we need to remember English words as many as possible for various factors i.e. speaking, writing etc. At the same time, Remembering new words is not that easy either. In 80% of the cases,

we tend to forget new words just after the next day!

So How Do We Remember English Words?

The truth is that we do not need to apply any technique to remember anything. How did you remember and learn the words that you came across in your childhood? It was void of any technique but it was quite natural. We just remembered those words by hearing and repeating the same.

But being adult, we can’t go back to that childhood stage and, so, applying some techniques becomes necessary.

Here are the 4 techniques to remember new words easily.

1. Immediately Associate the New word with something related

It’s a well-known fact that association of words with real objects is the first thing we do while learning a language. This is what we need to do in case of English too. Let’s Say, you have seen the word elephant for the first time, if a picture of elephant comes to your mind you have just associated the word with (real) elephant.
Although it is not feasible to associate every new word with things that we know. But once you practice it, you will be able to associate every new word with something related automatically without any effort.

For example: Let’s say, you are seeing the word “ambivalent” for the first time. You can associate it with your life. How many times in the past did you feel ambivalent?

2. Find out The Pronunciation Of The New Word

So, you have seen the spelling of a new word and also have known the meaning. Now you can make yourself familiar with the pronunciation of those new words to increase the chance of not forgetting the words. Once, you know the pronunciation, 80% chance is that you will be able to retrieve the word when needed!

For pronunciation, I think the best way is to google the word online or follow an online dictionary site.

3. Use the New Word At Least Once

Once you come across a new word with its meaning, you need to use it at least once in your daily life. This first use is going to be the foundation of remembering and retrieving that word when needed.

If you are in a situation where you can’t write the word down or use verbally, it’s still better to use that word in your mind.
No one will hear you saying. You are “khush”, everybody is “khush”.

4.Keep a record of the New Words

When I was in College, I used to keep a record of new words that I came across. I preferred Digital record to Physical Notebooks. There are many online sites that can help you store new words and learn these words at your pleasure at any time & anywhere. I liked Vocabulary (dot) com over others.

5. Find Out the Synonyms

This is not necessary but if you find out the synonym of a new word that you have learnt, you will hugely be able to improve your vocabulary and easily remember the new word.
One of the easiest ways to find out synonyms is to Google the word.

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