Speak English Fluently | 4 Easy Steps To Master

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Getting stuck while trying to speak English fluently? Well, all of us face this situation while learning a new language. So here are 4 steps to getting started as a fluent English Speaker.

1. Expand your vocabulary

Unless one knows an adequate number of English words, it is not possible to speak English Fluently. It renders expanding our vocabulary to be the utmost important step to become fluent in speaking English. There is no fixed number of words that one needs to know to be fluent in speaking English, but 600-800 words are more than enough. I have written a separate post on how to increase vocabulary very fast.

2. Get familiar with the pronunciation of English words

After building a strong vocabulary, you need to know how the native speakers pronounce and join various English words to bring a natural tone. You might ask where you could find a source to listen to native speakers if you are from a Non-English country. There are many sources to have access to native speakers’ audio at your fingertips. Some of them are:

The English We Speak: This is a podcast series published by BBC Learning English. It’s very helpful in learning common and rare English idioms but is also helpful to learn how native English speakers connect words to speak faster. You can either go to the official site or use podcast application on your smartphone and access the series “The English We Speak”. It also has an official YouTube Channel where you can find a lot of well-designed videos.

YouGlish: This is a website that shows various YouTube videos featuring people speaking outstanding English both on formal and informal occasions. It also provides a subtitle. The most striking feature of it is that you can search for specific English keyword or set of keywords and see how they are joined and pronounced. For example, I can search for “what you” in order to know how to join “what you” to speak faster. It really did help me to learn to speak English fluently

International Phonetic Alphabet: All English words have an IPA structure which represents the sound of the word. You can know about the IPA structure of almost all English Words Here. To know more about IPA symbols and their sounds you can visit this IPA site. Knowing the correct pronunciation of the words is a plus point to speak English fluently.

3. Speak, Speak & Speak

This is one of the biggest problems with new English Learners. I also made this mistake. As the saying goes, better late than never, I realized speaking English in our REAL life is more important than learning new words, grammar rules and so on.

Following this, I began to talk in English wherever I could. And, within 6 months, I made a lot of improvement in my English Speaking skill.

But, most of the time, the ESL learners end up having no one to practice speaking English with. So, the best thing to do in such circumstances is to talk with yourself in English. No rocket science. It is the very basic way in which one learns a new language.


Fluency in any language takes time to develop. So does English. Take it as fun or an art to master and you’ll reach your goal in no time.!

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