Study with as much attention as possible

Studying with attention increases manifold the accuracy and rate of learning including better recalling of what is learned.

Yes, sometimes things are hard and one may have confusion paying attention while studying. Being aware of some small things can help in paying attention to what is being studied.

What hampers our attention?

There may be innumerable reasons that hamper attention while studying. But most common factors are the followings:

  1. Lack of Interest: Lack of interest in what is being studied is the first and the foremost reason why one might find it hard to pay attention while studying.
  2. Too many thoughts: when too many thoughts that are not related to what is being studied goes on in the mind the capacity to pay attention gets reduced.
  3. Other factors: These are the factors that are beyond an individual’s control.

So, we can study with maximum attention if we sort out the (1) and (2) factors.

Interest and Attention

There is a deep relation between interest and attention. Both reinforce each other. If one has interest in something you have an easy time paying attention to that thing. On the other hand, if one keep paying attention to a thing even though he does not have an interest he will develop an interest in that particular thing sooner or later. This, in turn, makes paying attention easier.

How to generate interest?

As is seen, lack of interest is one of the main reasons for not being able to study with attention and, therefore, following steps are some of the steps that one can take to get over this problem.

  • Interest is normally something that comes naturally, but if it does not come, a lot of techniques can be employed to elicit interest.
  • Understanding the basics of the “Topic” being studied is one of the first steps to generate interest in a topic.
  • Connecting the theoretical concepts to reality or correlating the theoretical concepts with real-world helps very much in generating interest in a topic.

How to reduce the number of thoughts?

Thoughts, they are not the factors to be blamed for not being able to study with attention. But, it is the “thoughts not related to what is being studied” which is to be blamed. So, following are the steps one can adhere to before beginning to study!

  • Have a look at what you are thinking about right before studying.
  • Were those thoughts related to what you were going to study about? If yes, no problem.
  • But if the answer is “NO” make it sure right at that point of time that you are going to think about only what you are about to study and nothing else. This determination is very important.
  • Once one determines this, the thought not related to study will slowly but surely fade away!

Some other SHORT-TERM techniques to study with attention

One can employ many tools and techniques to study with attention. Some of these steps are as given below.

  • Listening to instrumental music while studying.
  • Listening to “White Noise” while studying. (there are bunch of white noise Apps)
  • Regularly meditating or being mindful.
  • Using mind-maps.
  • Organizing study room in a way that does not distort the attention.
  • Taking a break at regular intervals, say, 45 minutes.
  • Regularly exercising, jogging, doing Yoga etc.

The Last Line

Studying with attention is indespensible if one wants to remember and recall as well as understand the core concept of what is being studied. Applying both the LONG TERM and SHORT TERM techniques can hugely help in augmenting attention while studying.

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