Union, State And Concurrent List of Subjects

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India being a federal polity has three lists of subjects enumerated in the constitution of India to effect Division Of Power between the Union and the state governments. These lists ensure the subjects to be legislated by the Union and state governments separately.

It’s quite important to know about what state governments and the Union government can make laws on. And, this is where knowing the three subject lists becomes relevant. It is relevant even more if you are studying political science in college.

The three list of subjects are:

  • Union list: Only the Union government can legislate on the subjects/things included in this list.
  • State List: state governments have exclusive right to legislate on the subjects/things included in this list except in few cases.
  • Concurrent List: Both Union and state governments can legislate on the things included in this list. But in case of any conflict between a union and a state law on a thing/subject of this list, the union law prevails.

What Are The Subjects/Items included in these three lists?

The number of items included in the Union, state, and the concurrent list is pretty high. So, I created a pdf file containing all these subjects along with their respective category or list so that students can look them up whenever they need to.

Download the pdf file now.

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