Voice change of Simple Past Tense in Bodo

Voice change of Simple Past Tense in Bodo

Hey guys, good to see you here. Practicing voice change in grammar can be tricky sometimes. In this particular post, I will be talking about the basic rule that you can follow to change the form of voice of sentences belonging to Simple Past Tense. I have talked about this rule in details in the video embedded below. Anyway, the crux of the rule is that each tense can be expressed in two forms – active form and passive form. Simple Present tense is also not an exception in this case.  I have also created a course on how to change voice forms sentences various tenses.

The basic process of changing the voice form of sentences: 

  1. Find out the voice of the given sentence.
  2. Find out the tense of the given sentence. [be it in active or passive form]
  3. As we know each tense has two forms. If the sentence is in the active form of “xyz” tense we need to rewrite the sentence in the passive form of the “xyz” tense and vice versa.

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