Are You Asking Questions?

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Its natural to feel hesitant on the part of the students to ask questions to tutors, or say, teachers.

But, this is a very fundamental ordeal, or say a block, we as students or learners, need to cross to learn as effectively as possible.

Why To Ask Questions?

Fundamentally, a question is like a tool to dig further and deeper and deeper into a topic or idea. The deeper you dig into an Idea/topic the deeper you understand that particular idea or topic.

This is the very reason, why students must ask questions to tutors or teachers on something they have doubts about !

The Insight is that the more questions we ask the harder we spade to dig the ground of ignorance which ultimately can lead to the treasures laying beneath!!

What is the reason behind why many students in particular and people in general don’t ask questions when they have doubts about something?

There might be multitude of reasons and factors behind this. But common factors are:

  1. Lack of Interest: People tend to not to ask questions on something they are not interested at all.
  2. Wrong Assumption: In most cases, students in particular and people in general hold this wrong assumption that asking questions will imply they are ignorant or at least a negative impression about them would spread.
  3. Other Factors: These are the rest of the dynamic factors which can’t be discussed specifically.

What’s The Conclusion?

Don’t hesitate to ask question when you feel like you should ask a question because its the very first step to learn something, to be clear about something and to understand something in its totality.