8 Reasons to read books often

8 Reasons to read books often

Being a voracious reader, I used to spend many hours each day until 2016. I just wondered what is the advantage or benefit I have got by spending that much time in reading books. Answers are hard to find sometimes. Better late than never. Some important points, or say realizations, somehow ran through my mind which gave me some clues as to what I have benefited from reading.

The benefits of reading depend on the content and kind of books you read. If you read a law paper or maybe a thesis or a research paper etc., you may get the knowledge in the respective field. On the other hand, if you read fiction books you will not get much knowledge but it will improve your imagination capability, empathy, personality and so on.

This blog post is all about the factors why you should consider reading books most often.

An exercise of the brain

Reading acts as an exercise for the brain. When you read a book your brain constantly has to process the information to make sense of it. This does nothing but improves the functionality and efficiency of the brain.

Reading is proved to affect brain at least in two ways.

First, it increases the logical thinking capacity of the brain provided that you read contents that require constant logical thinking.

Second, it is thought to increase the imagination capacity very much. This is quite obvious when you read novels and fiction books.

Helps in Increasing Knowledge

Reading of books helps in increasing knowledge in a particular field. Obviously, there are innumerable ways of acquiring knowledge but reading books is one of the top ways to increase knowledge. This is something that requires no explanation.

Expansion of Vocabulary

There is a direct correlation between the reading of books and stronghold over vocabulary. If you read books regularly especially novels and fiction books you would notice your vocabulary go up exponentially. That being said, reading can help you in building a strong vocabulary. It also helps in being able to use certain words in the proper contexts with the correct choice of words depending on the situation.

Good Communication Skill

Reading regularly helps in developing a good communication skill. Because reading books regularly contribute a lot to build a strong vocabulary. And vocabulary is one of the essential elements of a good communication skill. Yes, vocabulary is not the only factor that determines the quality of communication skill. It is absolutely true. But, in most of the cases, it is seen that a person who has a good vocabulary is adept at good communication. So, if you want to improve the way you interact with people verbally you may want to read books often.

A hobby that costs almost nothing

Reading is one of those hobbies that cost almost nothing except time. Not a lot of money is required to pursue this hobby. On average, it costs only a few dollars. In case you don’t want to spend a penny for reading books you may download free ebooks or go to the local library which renders it totally free.

Now, as it involves the investment of time, you may question the above argument. Why am I saying it costs almost nothing at all? Is not the time worth at all? Undoubtedly, time is the most precious thing in the world that even money cannot buy. But, investing a bit of time in reading a good book is actually going to give you more than what you have invested. Personality seriously gets a fillip by reading books, at least when you read the good ones.

Don’t you think it’s worth investing a small amount of time in reading?

Increase in Imagination Power

Reading of books, especially novels and fiction books, helps in improving the imagination capacity of the mind. When watching TV, not a lot of deliberate mental effort is required. This is opposite in case of Reading. When reading a book, you constantly need to process the information deliberately to understand and make sense of it. Plus, you also need to imagine what is written on the pages. The capacity of imagination gets a boost in this way. So, in one or the other ways, by reading books you end up investing your time in your own development.

You virtually live many lives

Reading of books, needless to mention that I am not referring to academic books here, exposes the reader to the lives of different personalities. Through the depicted stories you not only read them but become a part of those stories in one or the other ways. You no longer remain a mere observer of the story and virtually look at the world from the point of view of the characters depicted in the book.

Helps in sleeping better

This point is ambiguous. I am writing about it from my personal experience and I do not have any research data to defend that.

Right before sleeping, reading fiction books or books that you like can help you in falling asleep easily. Back in the school days, how often did you feel sleepy while reading?

Audiobooks are becoming very popular these days. People are preferring it to paperbacks due to the ease of use of the audiobooks. If you listen to audio books while sleeping, you will have an easy time falling asleep! Audible is one of the best audiobook providers out there. If you don’t want to pay for the audiobooks you can use this application which contains recordings of many classic books from LibriVox.

What is your view on reading books? Please let me know your view and other benefits and drawbacks of reading books if you have any in your mind.